Acer network driver

safcnz1, Jun 7, 3:51am
Hi Have got Acer laptop and need drivers for network card anybody know where a website is I can download drivers on another PC so I can install. Please note that laptop has been wiped and has no recovery disks. thanks

gibler, Jun 7, 3:59am

safcnz1, Jun 7, 4:06am
tried that must just be Lan driver on there website fun and games. thanks

gibler, Jun 7, 4:10am
huh? ?

0800xford, Jun 7, 4:57am
lan driver =/= ethernet controller

radiowaves, Jun 7, 5:02am
"On there website" no wonder you're having problems.

d.snell, Jun 7, 5:05am
Usually don't need recovery disks for an Acer, just hit F11 on startup. That is, unless some cowboy tosser deleted the recovery partition. .

drcspy, Jun 7, 8:05am
rofl if you think theres a 'lan' driver and it's different to the network card driver then you should NOT be fiddling around lmfao

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