Adobe Premiere Elements experts?

helenandjohn, May 9, 1:49am
Adobe Premiere Elements experts? Hi

I have downloaded the trial version of the above software and am trying to edit some videos (mini dvds) I made on an overseas trip so that I can put them on You Tube for friends to see.

I've just transferred a dvd to my pc and when I go to edit it, the soundtrack is all out of kilter e.g. in a scene of the ancient city of Garama I am saying 'this is what I can see from my hotel room in Tripoli'.

Any ideas why it is doing this, please?


helenandjohn, May 9, 3:32am
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helenandjohn, May 9, 8:14pm
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drcspy, May 9, 8:15pm
Maybe you were drunk and confused when you made the video ?

helenandjohn, May 9, 8:58pm
Nope - I certainly wasn't drunk in Libya.

When I play the DVD through Real Player the sound track is in sync. When I use the Adobe programme the images and soundtrack are out of kilter.

Maybe I should download Windows Movie maker instead?

tessal, May 9, 9:09pm
Try here helen tutorials and software links too sort you out, Adobe Premiere maybe a little over your head cause it has a bundle of settings you have too config, too get a expected may find the tutorials for it off the makers site,but ain't a walk in the park if your a 1st time user.

helenandjohn, May 9, 9:14pm
Thanks for the link! The strange think is that I haven't had any probs with the other mini-dvds - it's just the one I recorded in the Sahara that Adobe is playing games with!

tessal, May 9, 9:21pm
I actually had the same prob like you a few mnths ago,with a homemade dvd a friend gave me..same thing picture good,sound was terribly out of sync,i used a program called Tmpenc ( a link too it is on that videohelp site ) to strip the audio and picture into separate dumps..and re-authored it again threw it...worked real good.

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