Help with Adobe please!!!!!!!

hogiebear, May 9, 1:59am
Help with Adobe please!!!!!!! sorry only know the basics about computers,i have gone in to try and download an upgrade of Adobe and it says that it can not complete as the computers old Adobe file can not be deleted, I have tried going in manually to delete but it says that it is corrupted, I hope that some one understands this and can possible help, as our new video camera needs adobe so we can view video footage on computer, HELP ANYONE!!

drcspy, May 9, 2:04am
Adobe is acrobat reader......... i've NEVER heard of ANy camera using acrobat reader which is a document viewing program to view videos ?....just doenst' make sense....

kruz23, May 9, 2:07am
Are you using adobe premier? Its a video software .

hogiebear, May 9, 2:36am
No we are not using adobe premier... We need adobe to see on line operational manual for the camera and I also need it to view and download some plans that are online

sighkick, May 9, 2:39am
Try Foxit Reader...... Free program that just works and is not as bloated as Adobe Acrobat Reader. I used to stick to an old version of Acrobat (Version 4 or 5) as it just worked too - but this Foxit Reader is the bees knees :)

0800xford, May 9, 2:41am
.... try using foxit [pdf reader, very fast and user friendly] link -

0800xford, May 9, 2:41am
.... oops, just saw yours :p

hogiebear, May 9, 3:12am
Thanks Have just done that, wow very quick to download, and it works great, I knew someone on here would know what to do, thanks again :):)

dunedin_ree, May 9, 3:17am
Adobe isn't acrobat reader......... It's the name of a company that makes Acrobat Reader, Acrobat, Photoshop, Premier, and a number of other products.

0800xford, May 9, 3:59am
.... adobe flash now too aye.

0800xford, May 9, 4:00am
.... foxit is excellent. we need a "free and awesome software" thread.

sighkick, May 9, 4:03am
We have tried that.... But the inability to make a post 'sticky' is a problem and having to keep *bumping* the thread to keep it alive is hard work!

0800xford, May 9, 4:06am
.... why is this not a forum? fine disable pms and emails etc but at least stickys would work and people can search instead of starting a new thread. "eek avg 8 is gone what do i do" type stuff ha ha we could even have virus etc updates [not host the files just a heads up]...

drcspy, May 9, 4:06am
#9 yeh I know that but it was pretty obvious to me what this person thought they were wanting......

peepme, May 9, 4:23am
Re adobe there is a site that is adobe brick.Nothing to do with THE adobe at all.i wonder how many offers (if any) the person has had from THE adobe

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