Printer suddenly on a total go slow, grr..taking

misty, Jun 10, 9:15am
ages to print out 5 pages, with long pauses. Any ideas what the problem could be? ? ?

thunderstorm, Jun 10, 10:15am
what are you printing? PDF files can pause a bit inbetween pages as they get sent to the printer.

misty, Jun 10, 10:33am
Just printing the usual GST summary, but for some reason the printer doesn't want to. It's taken about 3 hours to print off 5 pages... in fits and bursts. We moved the computer and printer in the weekend so wonder if that has affected it. Funny thing is, though, that it prints an email or any other document in normal time.

rainrain1, Jun 10, 7:05pm
Have you checked your printer settings?

misty, Jun 10, 11:17pm
Yep, the settings all seem ok. Hubby did some 'research' last night and has a few things to try out. Seems odd it works ok on other things, but not for printing from our accounting programme.

timberman, Jun 16, 6:58am
make sure your printer defaults to grey scale & draft mode
this will get it going fast.
If it is still going slow try renenstallimg the printer drivers.

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