Printer minolta pagepro laser 1300w operating prob

domaine, Jun 11, 5:48am
Problem? the printer boots up and reads page one then prints it, then winds down and then reads page two and prints . The printer has ALWAYS done this but when page 2 starts printing, the printer stays full noise and just prints. on advice from a toner supplier , i purchased a new Chip that will allow the printer print for another 6000 pages with the 'old" toner roller cartridge. But the printer knows that a new non minolta chip is installed and doesnt like it. so now printer slows down after every page so take ages to print lots pages. if it wasnt a good b+W printer id turf it. how do i correct printer action?

lostdude, Jun 11, 5:51am
Take your printer to the "toner supplier"

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