Newtorking a printer - brother MFC 260c

jojo76, Jun 12, 1:46am
Can this be done? I can't find any info about doing this (if it can be done.
The printer is connected to a desktop running windows 7 and i want to be able to print from my laptop which is running windows vista?
So 1) can it be done?
2) how to do it


seriouslycgi, Jun 12, 1:50am
hehe new torking

jojo76, Jun 12, 1:51am
Bugger, can't change the titile either. . lol

seriouslycgi, Jun 12, 1:53am php? term=torked

seriouslycgi, Jun 12, 1:54am
there should be a wizard in windows to share a printer q=windows+7+share+printer

jojo76, Jun 12, 3:50am
Thanks so much, got it all working :)

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