Vodafone has gone down hill big time

I tryed vodafone this weekend to test out a phone as it wasnt the right freqs for xt.
And i just cant belive why people would be on VF
One xt i always have coverge when vf drops out.
Two the help desk is that with xt it is help full.
Three you dont get charged with xt to ringing the help desk.
Four with tx you can see your data usage and money with a push of a button and not have to text or phone like VF.
Five if you dont use a service on xt for a month you dont get charged for that service or if you only used a part of that service you only get charged for that you have used. VF charge you the full amount before you have used it and if you dont use it you still get charged.
Six if you top up your xt you get a bonus credit and the more you to up the more free credit you get.
And there are many more pro, s to xt and many more con, s to VF.
So why are people with VF? ?
And if someone says that xt doesnt work or isnt reliable then get over it allready that was like 3 months ago.
Its working great.
If you try xt you would never go back to VF.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:06 am


geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:31 am

You dont get charged for ringing VF helpdesk, thread FAIL, bye bye

geek_mone, Jun 13, 8:33 am

Check again try ringing 777

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:40 am

And try and speak to the help desk.
it tells you you will be charged $1. 00
so think again.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:41 am

so you need to ring helpdesks offen do you?

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:43 am

They were right, you don't pay for ringing, just get charged if you want someone to answer

geek_malachiman, Jun 13, 8:45 am

It just not the point what im saying is you dont get charged for that service with xt

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:45 am

So you would ring the help desk just to here your phone ringing? not to get some help

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:47 am

so what, is life that bad.

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:47 am

you sound like a Telecom employee.

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:49 am

It really is if your with vf

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:49 am

Nope i just have a brain and can see which is better and i geuss vf work on the people that dont have a clue

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:51 am

Because Vodafone doesn't crap out like xt does. And its only the peasants on prepay that need to pay to speak to customer services. Mostly because they call up with silly questions like "whats my balance"

geek_willz29, Jun 13, 8:52 am

You are really a dumb arse arent you

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:54 am

and you are an idiot, spiiting crap in two threads .

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:55 am

spam much

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:55 am

So you're from Planet Stratford. Up here in Planet Big Wonga (ray), I'm on XT. I've been so since Feb this year. Telecom have done a lot to try to resolve all the issues I've had with their phones and service, but I'm still getting disconnected phone calls all the time. So are others I know to be using XT. Some phone calls are not even getting through, ie to receiving. If you're lucky, you'll get a missed call on your phone, that never rang, you'll get a voicemail message notification, but no missed call message. Or, you'll get no notification of any sort, but find out later that someone tried to call and couldn't either get through, or there was no answer. Even with Telecom having installed (according to them) new signal boosters in the two towers up here. There's still a major bug, or bugs, in their system, so I suggest staying well away until they fix it.

Apart from that Telecom are great :)

geek_badcam, Jun 13, 8:56 am

It is the facts so tell me what is false please?

geek_leson, Jun 13, 8:57 am

the facts to you.

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 8:58 am

I have to use vf for work and i travel around the mountain and vf drops right out and xt is alway there and yes it did have some bugs at the being but it has been working good for some time now im sorry you are having problems up there.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 9:00 am

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

geek_leson, Jun 13, 9:01 am

Vodafone... . Oh yes they do crap out.
The VF service has crapped a few times in the last couple of years but because everybody loves to bag the big guy, it's TC that gets the bad news reported the most.

VF has been crap ever since they brought out Bellsouth.
VF has the most delays with txt msg's, sometimes taking a typical 24hrs to be delivered & it's been like that for a few years now.

We have both services here & have always had the txt problems regardless of what brand of VF ph.
Their voice services are ok but txting can be really bad some days.

Yes TC has had a few hickups with the new service... ... . BUT then again, theres the point that it'sA NEW SERVICE complete with NEW HARDWARE thats not been in this country before, never mind setup.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 13, 10:03 am

oh bellsouth them were the days.

geek_flewy, Jun 13, 10:04 am

TC charge ONLY for services you use ON THE PH, they don't charge for contacting their call center, regardless of why you are calling or what you are calling from.

Slight edit... .

1: xt i always have coverge when vf drops out.
2:the help desk is that with xt, it is help full.
3:you dont get charged with xt for ringing the help desk.
4:with tx you can see your data usage and money with a push of a button and not have to text or phone like VF.
5:if you dont use a service on xt for a month you dont get charged for that service or if you only used a part of that service you only get charged for that you have used. VF charge you the full amount before you have used it and if you dont use it you still get charged.
6:if you top up your xt you get a bonus credit and the more you to up the more free credit you get.

7: credit NEVER expires

Of course every help desk regardless of the company has it's 'good CSR's' & it's not so good CSR's'

geek_mrfxit, Jun 13, 10:11 am

LOL yep, was a blimin good service back then.
I still have my Alcatal ("1 touch") with the bellSouth logo on the reception screen

geek_mrfxit, Jun 13, 10:13 am

#1 check again, if you are on account (which is what you are on about being billed one month in advance) you do not pay to ring helpdesk , thats only prepay you douche

geek_mone, Jun 13, 12:05 pm

vodafone coverage is still more consistent in the Wellington CBD from my experience, and I've had to ring helpdesk exactly once in 10 years so the 20c is hardly an issue.

Also the only text delays I've ever experienced have been between networks, within vodafone it works fine.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 13, 12:12 pm

I've never had a problem with vodafone. Only my current phone (fails at reception, I shouldn't have changed lol).

Only problem I had with VF was when they screwed up our phone number and left us with no interenet for 4 days when changing internet plans

geek_charles.j, Jun 13, 12:14 pm

how much did Telecom pay you to say that?

geek_pcgeek, Jun 13, 12:32 pm

He's a top gear fan

geek_mone, Jun 13, 12:44 pm

I am on preypay Thanks for your kind words. Have a nice day.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 2:13 pm

Cool story bro

geek_dunedin_ree, Jun 13, 2:19 pm

Incorrect. You do get charged $1 if you are on prepay. If don't get charged this fee if you phone 2 degrees or telecom.

geek_mattnzw, Jun 13, 2:26 pm

Get XT reception out the coast, leson? I. E. Okato/Pungarehu/Rahotu.

geek_rahto, Jun 13, 2:34 pm

Yes i do even when there is nothing on vodafone as i drive around the mountian okato nothing on vf full strenght on xt. Rahotu yes coverage as i had to make a call i had again nothing on vf and xt was good. Are you on xt out there?

geek_leson, Jun 13, 2:38 pm

Phone im using is a XT sonyericsson w995a

geek_leson, Jun 13, 2:40 pm

The only place i can think of that ive had nothing on xt is tarata in the cemetery that was a dead zone. and awkino sorry about the spelling.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 2:42 pm

How meany digits to the xt fone numbers now.
Im with VF have been for years, have a 6 digit number something like 223344.
Never rung a help desk
Cant recall the service every being down
Can remember time lag on txt, But not for some time now.
Im Happy enough with VF
Anyways they are all ripping us off :)

geek_nukhelenc, Jun 13, 2:49 pm

And you talk about paying each bill one month in advance?

geek_mone, Jun 13, 3:01 pm

I've been entirely happy with 2degrees for the last few months, saved untold compared to VF (call and text costs) and XT (new phone cost and outages). No delays, no hassles to date.

Thank you for asking :)

geek_rua69, Jun 13, 3:11 pm

Because thats how it works if you set up best mates on vf the money is taken out straight away the same with the data plans of prepay you can call the help desk if you like but they will charge you a dollar to talk to someone about it. May i ask what network you are on because you dont know much about vf. Thanks for you comments have a nice evening.

geek_leson, Jun 13, 5:49 pm

um, if you have a XT phone, the broadcast on three different frequencies, when you put a VF sim in to a XT it only broadcasts on one of thethree as vodafone uses different wavelengths.

so your XT operates on limited coverage regardless

geek_nizmonut, Jun 13, 6:27 pm

I have vowed never to used VF because they lie and cant deliver what they sell and their support service is worse than crap. I repeat I will NEVER use VF crap company. OK rant over for this time! !

geek_b.j.nichols, Jun 13, 7:04 pm

Some phones can use all 4 or 5 umts frequencies. i. e. 850/900/1700/1900/2100
Problem with voda is that their 3g coverage is pretty lame outside metropolitan areas. They seem to rely on their 2g gsm network to fill in the gaps. Whereas XT is 100% 3g.

geek_osymandias, Jun 14, 11:34 am

YEAH I totally agree that! ! , crap company. ripped us ALL for very a LOOONG Timmeee... And still ripping us With thier service(Cell/ Broadband). Since they sold that damn Company to foreign investor that our Beloved Government thought they will improve NZ Infrastructure... Do you think THat NEW AD will HELP them or even FUNNY? ?

geek_rohb, Jun 14, 1:25 pm


1) Sure in stratford and more specifically where you are, you get patchy coverage. Where we live in Birkenhead North Shore City, we have to walk up the right of way, to the road, to get XT coverage.
2) I have not had any problems in the numerous deallings I have had with the Vodafone helpdesk in the 10+ years I have been a customer. Telecoms help desks have been another story.
3) On account customers don't get charged with vodafone and how often does someone need to call a helpdesk?
4) meh, I use the web portal to analyse my spend and add features.
5) prepaid services I presume. fair call if you like prepay
6) better contract plans from Vodafone

into reliablity

7) Vodafone have more RNCs so if one goes down the effect is less.
8) Vodafone have the GSM network running under their 3G network. If the 3G network fails the 2G network picks up.

Why are people still with vodafone (apart from the above)

9) Vodafone still have better handsets.

among other things

If you try xt you would never go back to VF

10) Have tried XT and am still with Vodafone. I have customers that have been staunch Telecom customers for years who are now looking seriously at Vodafone.

geek_d.laidlaw, Jun 14, 2:00 pm

Vodafone are the big guy when you are talking mobile in NZ.

Why be a crash test dummy when you can buy a working reliable product and wait until the other dummies have bashed all the problems out?

Being a new network with new hardware is not an excuse for the rediculous number of failures, the length of failures and the lack of information and acceptance from Telecom.

geek_d.laidlaw, Jun 14, 2:16 pm