Can't access international sites North Canterbury

Anyone having issues trying to access websites overseas at the moment?

geek_jmumby, Jun 13, 11:36 am

maybe they cut your tolls?

geek_carrot3, Jun 13, 2:48 pm

Been having the same problem here in Rangiora all day. International sites and the Telecom help site - ironic the latter as they are my ISP.

geek_kaye1, Jun 13, 3:12 pm

Try via

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 4:02 pm

yes I have had trouble all day also, comes up with connection problems

geek_tcsons, Jun 13, 11:11 pm

Yes I have and still am having problems. I phoned Telecom last nite and apparantly only a few people are affected, time to fix it. . yeah well thats something to be seen.

geek_debbz2, Jun 14, 8:02 am

same problems in rolleston too, its annoying alright.

geek_johndw, Jun 14, 8:36 am