Printer cartridge problem

farmpuss, Jun 14, 5:14am
Help. . I ordered 4 HP92 cartridges from my normal online printer ink place and they decided to send me 4 icon ink 92 cartridges. Great... My HP printer spat them out. How can i tell my printer to accept them, they fit and should be compatible according to the sales lady but they wont work. I have a heap of printing to do tonite... need fast help.

r.g.nixon, Jun 14, 5:32am
Perhaps your printer has a specific button press/ blah blah sequence of steps that you have to follow without skipping any?

farmpuss, Jun 14, 6:53am
mmm no I cant find anything like that. .

farmpuss, Jun 15, 1:07am
Anyone able to help that would be great...

r.g.nixon, Jun 15, 1:17am
Have you read the instructions in the printer manual?

hakatere1, Jun 15, 2:28am
I generally check here for printer problems: Search your prob.

richms, Jun 15, 4:42am
So you ordered genuine ones and got sent fakes?

Send em back and get a refund and get some carts from a shop that doenst do a bait and switch.

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