How do I unmute my Blackberry Bold?

julesn, Jun 14, 6:07am
Somehow my Blackberry Bold is on Mute and I have tried all sorts of things and yes I have found the mute button, but still can't seem to get it off Mute, help

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 14, 6:11am
hold down the dollar key?

julesn, Jun 14, 6:14am
Thanks but that didn't work, any other ideas?

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 14, 6:20am
mine is a pearl but should be similar, i either change it by clicking on the little icon on the topleft and changing the profile, or if i hold down the Q key on mine it flicks between slient and normal mode.

julesn, Jun 14, 6:22am
Thanks Again, that switched me between vibrate and Loud (which is the setting i have it on) However it is still on silent (mute) - can't get any sound for Calls or Texts, any other suggestions

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 14, 10:29am
go through the sound profiles menu, go to edit profile, pick the profile you are using and make sure all the volume controls are not turned down. its possible the phone has a fault too i guess.

guest, Nov 30, 2:16am
I am having a similar problem but have not been able to resolve having tried the above ideas? Any other guidance?

guest, Jan 23, 10:23am
Make a call and whilst it's ringing out mute and then unmute!! Just fixed mine

guest, Jan 27, 12:24am
As in 97% of the time with a Blackberry...taking the battery off and back on solved the problem.

guest, Apr 7, 4:26pm
Try to play a song and when its playing click the $ key and it should work :)

guest, Mar 13, 3:35pm
thank you so much you saved my blackberry and me

aunty_things, Apr 10, 12:25pm
okii so i pressed a button bt my sound still nt paying rite i pressd on the $ button sound is playing nw bt way too soft AND THE VOLUME IS ON ITS LOUDEST WHAT DO I DO KNW??

guest, Aug 3, 9:19pm
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guest, Aug 7, 1:52am
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argos, May 20, 9:06am
Bloody fools, that doesn't fix the problem, pressing the dollar sign is just turning the speaker phone off and turning on the handset speaker which is used for talking over a phone call. No matter what you try battery switch, nothing works as the speaker would show activated but just wont work , as someone mentioned earlier this happened after using the mute button once, which is otherwise a pause button for music. So it cannot be a hardware problem, some software issue. Does anyone have any actual help?

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