24/7 hosting??

I purchased hosting from a NZ company called 24/7 Hosting. They are yet to set up my hosting account... its been 48 hrs, I'm not sure if that is a normal amount of time? I have emailed them but havent had any response. I just did a google search on them and came up with this -

http://scambusters.co.nz/forum/viewtopic. php? f=28&t=4654

Has anyone dealt with them/has hosting with them?


geek_benbenben11, Jun 15, 10:48 am

My overseas host was usable within a couple of minutes of submitting my credit card number (all automated)

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 15, 10:53 am

Thanks, I have been trying to call them but it just goes straight to answer phone. I only paid for 1 month of hosting which was $10. 00 or so, so not worried about that really, only thing that I am worried about is that I paid with my credit card so now they will have those details.

geek_benbenben11, Jun 15, 11:17 am

Maybe there is no one there on the weekends. I'd give them a little while longer (and keep a close eye on that credit card of course)

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 15, 11:19 am

these guys: 247hosting.co.nz? been using them for a few months now. They're great, locally hosted too.

geek_kieran211, Jun 15, 11:22 am

hmmm okay thanks guess I'll just keep waiting for them to set up my account and get in contact with me.

geek_benbenben11, Jun 15, 12:50 pm

You get what you pay for. The account should have been setup within a few hours max. If it takes them two days to setup an account, imagine what their support will be like when you need help with something.
I see their website advertises award winning service. Ask them what awards they have won.

geek_mattnzw, Jun 15, 1:30 pm

Actually it appears if they have gone into liquidation, if you go to some of their pages, it says Safi Technogies Ltd (In Liquidation) Trading as 247hosting

geek_mattnzw, Jul 16, 5:15 pm

They use to be good. btw can you flick me an e-mail matt

geek_jancemord, Jul 16, 6:31 pm

very misleading name for a hosting company.

geek_ferita, Jul 16, 6:33 pm