Business is slow. I'm experiencing a temporary

badcam, Jun 15, 12:26am
lull. That explains why I'm posting so much today. Maybe I should try another corner?

0800xford, Jun 15, 12:36am
find something to reconfigure, quick!

0800xford, Jun 15, 12:48am
go war driving

badcam, Jun 15, 1:34am
Darn. Bought a 15M Ethernet Cat5e and I've measured, re-measured and re-measured and it's 14. 4M. I needed exactly 15M. Darn. All that hassle putting it in place and now I have to swap it over. Darn.

0800xford, Jun 15, 3:10am
no matter how many times you measure it, it won't get longer...

0800xford, Jun 15, 3:11am
<== 5e ?

paddaricko, Jun 15, 3:41am
I know it's pretty cold, but try a shorter skirt and fish nets.

mark.p, Jun 15, 4:59am
Must be a Linux ditsro you haven't tried, surely... ... ...

hayster94, Jun 15, 6:15am
Gotta be careful when buying cables. I always tend to get 5m more than I need just incase. Depending on what its for

badcam, Jun 15, 8:21am
I've learned my lesson there.

lostdude, Jun 15, 9:45am
LOL again

smoothjazz, Jun 15, 9:59am
It's Murphy's law again

0800xford, Jun 15, 10:31pm

badcam, Jun 16, 12:47am
Business is good today. Those fish nets really did the trick.

badcam, Jun 16, 12:52am
That's what I keep telling my Missus. She's forever the optimist.

0800xford, Jun 16, 12:55am
so how about that weather aye...

paddaricko, Jun 16, 1:52am
See! , who said I never give useful advice?

pcmaster, Jun 16, 2:27am

I'm busier than usual, at a time when i dont really want to be, or do i, i guess it's a great distraction from what i should be doing, which is sorting through and packing up the computer room/workroom/office/junkroom in prep for our big move LOL

rua69, Jun 16, 2:49am
rofl at this thread... and the image of badcam in his while he's erm, hard at work...

pcmaster, Jun 16, 3:01am
lol yes, not particularly wanting to dwell on that particular mental image... .

rua69, Jun 16, 3:30am
erm, indeed, I just reread what I wrote...

0800xford, Jun 16, 3:49am
he's just a great big tease!

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