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tradeaddikt, May 9, 10:11am
My mouse keeps selecting everything instead of just letting me select one thing it keeps highlighting the whole lot! Its driving me nuts!! hwlp please

charles.j, May 9, 10:56am
.... it may seem odd. but have you rebooted your pc?

dveditor, May 9, 11:19am
Well have you booted the pc in the guts and restarted it?

gorbulas, May 9, 11:33am
Give your mouse to the cat and buy another

olack, May 9, 11:34am
Are your computers networked? ...just asking.

dveditor, May 9, 11:37am
Tradeaddikt she/he is currently cutting white tm powder and sniffing it thought green bills

mrfxit, May 9, 8:22pm
Very likely that the Shift key On the keyboard is stuck on.

ntalke, May 9, 8:49pm
I bet you have a corded optical mouse,these are known to go out to lunch after a while,had 2 do this,time for a new one

atilasgirl, May 9, 10:08pm
Its a very hard thing to train amouse properly..... if there something strange and it dont look good..ho you gonna call MOUSE BUSTERS call 0900mousetrain

peter, Nov 18, 12:27pm
press SHIFT + ESC

stubbe, Feb 11, 8:21am
Cool, SHIFT + ESC did the trick.

axe, Apr 6, 2:18pm
OH MY GOD saved my life, same thing just happened to me - first day of a new job. freak out SHIFT +ESC - magic

granidi, Apr 15, 8:55am
Try pressing the "Shift" rapidly several times, it should turn it off.

sairam, Dec 4, 4:16pm
Superb :)

--tim--, Dec 20, 10:56am
OMG!!!! Shift + Esc saved my life :D TY!!!!!!!!!!!!

martok, Jan 5, 10:56am
How do you replicate this problem?

My grandma called me saying: I dunno what to do, my mouse keeps highlighting everything.

Thanks for the solution for this mouse issue

z00mbie, Jan 13, 12:03pm
Ha-ha-ha! So easy...spent ages trying to fix the problem. I even tried to scare my mouse with a cat ;)

punkasschiick, Feb 9, 1:50am
That was so annoying
SHIFT+ESC did the trick
Thank you thank you thank you

evaneac, Feb 28, 8:32pm
many many many thanks.. i was having a headeach with this sh""""

guest, Apr 16, 12:29pm
Very helpful thought it was some kind of virus!

guest, Apr 22, 6:56am
thank you! i had the same problem and you fixed it!

guest, Jun 30, 8:24pm
awesome! it worked for me. it highlighted everything, i could only type in capital letters, very weird. where is the problem, anyway?

guest, Jun 30, 8:25pm
oh and also couldn't scroll

neetu, Aug 11, 9:56am
wow thanks a lot..

kmonk, Aug 22, 8:26am
looks like the artifact of a missing frame buffer, the problem is in windoze.

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