Adapter problem - Acer Aspire.

4pc, Jun 16, 12:22am
My adaptor stopped working over the weekend (of course you don't realise until you're completely out of battery) so I bought a new one off here (see my FB). I received it yesterday and it worked just fine. Today it's as useless as my original one.

Any idea what could be going wrong?

zoopa, Jun 16, 12:28am
Happened to mine as well. It was the actual connection socket on the motherboard. About a $100 fix I think. The socket costs around $30.

4pc, Jun 16, 12:31am
Zoopa - was it ruining the adapters?

zoopa, Jun 16, 3:02am
Not for me. I didn't get it fixed in the end, it is an old machine. I just have it set up on a desk, and NEVER move it. If I do, I can't guarantee I can get the connection again. Lots of wiggling. The new adaptor works fine. Has done for a year. I have been through 3 though, in 5 years. I was told that these models are hard on the connection plug. Dunno why, something about angles and stress etc. I could see the wires on the connection plug showing signs of that.

seriouslycgi, Jun 16, 7:49am
if it is as zoopa says then wiggling it a little will make the charge light come on briefly on the laptop. those plugs cost about $1. 50 to replace, but for someone to fix it they have to take the whole thing apart, up to a few hours work. its up to you, you pay to get it fixed, sell it, or try fix it yourself/friend.

4pc, Jun 16, 8:12am
The type of adaptor is called"Lite-On". When it works there's a little green light that comes on on the adaptor (or is it an adapter? ) ... I'm fairly certain the light is on when it's plugged into the wall regardless of whether it's plugged into the laptop.

I have a funny feeling that something (to do with the computer) has nuked both adaptors.

seriouslycgi, Jun 16, 8:38am
the laptop should have an orange? light to show the battery is being charged is that showing at all? you got one powerful enough right?

4pc, Jun 16, 8:52am
The orange light was showing yesterday (when it was working just fine).

Yes, the replacement is the same parameters as the original.

project_gundam, Jun 16, 9:37am
I have 5310...could have same problem? ? ?

zoopa, Jun 16, 11:18pm
I broke the laptop down myself. (First time ever, I even put it back together properly, how chuffed was I! )The socket is well fixed to the motherboard, quite tricky to remove. I got a few socket prices at around $30. I also took it to a tech to get the diagnosis. He had to call someone else who said it was not uncommon for Acers to drop the socket. The wiggling thing worked when the adaptor plug was shonky, but it was harder to get a connection with 2 faulty parts. It is now my backup laptop. I went and got an Asus.

#1, I downloaded the service manual off the net, so if you are handy, you may be able to do the pull apart yourself, if it is a socket prob.

4pc, Jun 17, 8:34am
Ok - those of you with a "Lite-On" adaptor - if yoiu plug it inot the wall and turn it on, but don't plug it into the computer, does the green light come on?

4pc, Jun 17, 9:57am
Thank you. It sounds uncannily similar.

4pc, Jun 18, 9:16am
Hmmmm ... . I've had the laptop since January 2009 ... . not quite sure what to do next. The harddrive was replaced in late April or early May (don't quite remember) so it's starting to feel as if I could be throwing good money after bad.

seriouslycgi, Jun 18, 9:27am
i have an aspire from 2004 still running good (touch wood) but i also have one from 2007 that has a bum power socket i need to fix, its a common problem with laptops they take a lot of abuse

4pc, Jun 19, 10:13am
Seriously, seriously, this laptop hasn't "taken a whole lot of abuse".

Anyway, having just been into a thread where they mention the CGA, where should I go now? Back to JB HI-Fi, or to Acer?

And I can't really afford to have it out of action for long, as I have end-of-yr accounts come 30th June (I'm Treasurer for a group). I COULD try to do them on the children's computer (does have a lovely big screen for spreadsheets) butI prefer my set-up and not having to share.

project_gundam, Jun 19, 11:11am
how long does the battery on your asphires last , my says 2hours but then goes down 1 hour and 25 minutes within minutes of full battery.

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