A Thunderbird question.

datoofairy, Jun 16, 8:35am
I recently decided to get rid of Adobe Reader on my laptop (running Vista) and tried Foxit for a couple of days. Then I uninstalled Foxit and installed Sumatra.
Now whenever I try to open an emailed pdf, Thunderbird tries to use Foxit to open it. When Thunderbird asks me what to open the file with I can change the option from Foxit to Sumatra by browsing forSumatrabut the box to tick that says "Do this automatically... . . "is greyed out so I cant tick it.
I was having the same problem with Firefox when I wanted to open a pdf file online, but then discovered I had to disable the Foxit plugin. That solved the problem in Firefox but I cant workout how to fix it in Thunderbird. There are no plugins listed under addons, or any mention of Foxit that I can find in the Thunderbird options.
When I click on Tools, Options, Attachments, View & Edit Actions, there are no options there to change.
When Ichecked in my Default Programs/Set Associations, there is no . pdf listed so I cant change it there either.
So, my question is, how do I change the default from Foxit to Sumatra in Thunderbird please?

0800xford, Jun 16, 8:39am
in your control panel > add/remove > change access and defaults, can you set it in there? [no i don't think so]
how about your windows file associations ?

datoofairy, Jun 16, 8:49am
I used Ccleaner to uninstall Foxit and then deleted the set up file for it.
There is no mention of Foxit under Programs and Features or in the File Association list. An advanced search for Foxit brings no results. The only area on the whole computer that I can find anything to do with Foxit, is the box that pops up when I try to open a pdf in Thunderbird.

flewy, Jun 16, 8:52am
tried right click on a pdf file and "open with" and select the new reader and then set to always?

datoofairy, Jun 16, 8:56am
I have no 'folder options' under tools. There isthe folder options in themy control panel but I cant see anything in there about changing associations.

When I right click on the pdf file I have the options to Open, Save, Detach and Delete but not Save As.

flewy, Jun 16, 8:59am
"open with"?

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:00am
Sorry, it was a typo, I meant there is no Open With option.

0800xford, Jun 16, 9:02am
"properties" ?

edit: oops, in thunderbird not explorer...

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:08am
The only Properties options I can find in Thunderbird are under Edit > Folder Properties and that just give basic info about the folder like Name and Character Encoding. Nothing about associations.
When I open an email with a pdf attached, I cannot find any Properties options for it.

0800xford, Jun 16, 9:14am
save the pdf attachment, then right click on it.


bidda2, Jun 16, 9:17am
In icedove go edit-preferences-attachments and you can select in there what action to take with different files

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:21am
When I save a pdf to the desktop, I can then go into its properties and change it to open with Sumatra. However that doesnt change the default option in Thunderbird, I still have to browse for Sumatra and change it each time.
When I go into my DefaultPrograms > Set Associations, as shown in the link, I have no . pdfextension listed to be able to change the default. I'm sure it should be there, but its not.

0800xford, Jun 16, 9:27am
you might have to restart after changing that, or maybe just logout and back in.

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:29am
I think the Firefox equivalent is Tools, Options, Download Actions/ View and Edit Actions, however when I go in there I cant see what to change or what to add. This is what I get when I go there:
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/42/134776442_full. jp

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:30am
I did restart but it didnt help. The saved pdf now opens with Sumatra, the Thunderbird default is still Foxit.

Foxit's a pesky little bugger, isnt it.

0800xford, Jun 16, 9:40am
have you tried creating a new thunderbird profile?

bidda2, Jun 16, 9:47am
Ah I meant thunderbird not icedove (same thing). Hmm it would appear that doesn't help then.

datoofairy, Jun 16, 9:48am
No, I havent. I have no idea how to create a new profile or what effect doing so will have on my current settings, but I'll Google it and have a read up about it.
Who would have thought something as simple as changing an association would be so complicated? ?

Oh, and yes, Sumatra is great. I like it much better than Adobe Reader.

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