Adsl modem and personal alarm query

irene21, Jun 16, 9:35am
Hi there, quick question, mum has decided to get broadband and has a modem etc, problem is she also has a st johns alarm through her phone line. My question is does she need to get a technician in to install the modem on a separate phone line or will she be able to get away with using a splitter and filter. The reason i'm asking is a tech guy will run her to $140-00 and she is only on a pension so im trying to make it as cheap as possible for her.

swivel, Jun 16, 9:44am
Well I would get them in, and pay for it. As better safe than sorry. Hell why did you even ask

r.g.nixon, Jun 16, 9:49am
Test it with just a filter. Phone St Johns and tell them in advance of the actual test.

babcorp, Jun 16, 9:50am
We have one, put in a splitter no issues.

torican08, Jun 16, 1:44pm
Chances are high that when you do need it telecoms lines will be down Doh!

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