IOS4, just installed it on my iPhone 3G

Anyone else running the Gold Master? how you finding it, of course I can't try out multitasking being a 3G and all.

Any new tricks to learn?

geek_malachiman, Jun 17, 11:42 am

Where do I download it? My phone isnt Jailbroken.

geek_sven007, Jun 17, 12:03 pm

You probably should just wait a few more days.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 17, 12:06 pm

Lol ok

geek_sven007, Jun 17, 12:06 pm

You have to download the latest iTunes released today, 9. 2 and then you can install a downloaded version of the Gold Master that was released to developers, there are several places you can get it. But yeah otherwise wait until next week lol

geek_malachiman, Jun 17, 12:32 pm

Heres a link. I am not responsible if you stuff it up, you do it at your own risk

geek_malachiman, Jun 17, 12:35 pm

Well looks like custom backgrounds is not supported on the 3G either. But apparently you can enable it my editing a plist file, same goes with multitasking which apparently works ok on the 3g, custom backgrounds apparently slowed it down a lot!

geek_malachiman, Jun 17, 1:53 pm

Yeah, multi tasking works fine within reason on 3G.

geek_osymandias, Jun 17, 1:57 pm

Cant believe how easy jailbreaking is now, last I did this it was a little trickier. redsn0w works real well. Also just have to tick the box for it to enable multitasking and custom backgrounds, thats a lot better than manually editing files.

geek_malachiman, Jun 17, 2:21 pm