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sighkick, Jun 17, 12:04am
I have just come across this site where you can download FREE Indie Movies - you are encouraged to download and share. Here is a bit of the blurb... ...

VODO brings you great, free movies from creators who WANT to share their work!

Each month, we choose one outstanding indie film to make available for free P2P download. You can get it wherever you usually download media: we're working with some of the biggest P2P services in the world to bring you new movies.

As well as our main monthly release, we're constantly making extra films available for free download.

Want to hear about new torrents available from VODO? Subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on twitter, read our blog, or register to receive email updates.

I am contemplating downloading the made for TV series Pioneer One which is apparently a 'FastForward' type show. Please do make your recommendations should you find a GEM.

traceedwards, Jun 17, 12:08am
There is a reason the films are free

sighkick, Jun 17, 12:13am
Hi traceedwards

I am assuming that you are inferring that all FREE films are cr@p?

Recently I was invited to the regional finals of the V48 Film Short Film competition and the entry from Taranaki was brilliant. We were beaten by the Big Boys from Dorkland however since they were employing professional actors.

The point is, amateur productions can be good, even great. What about stars that have been born on the Net such as Lily Allen and Justine Bieber - both got their break on the Net.

swivel, Jun 17, 12:14am
It's not bad TV program.

sighkick, Jun 17, 12:17am
Yes, I mentioned that I had just come across your post AFTER I had posted about

I searched on and not Pioneer One. My post was about ALL the movies that are available but no doubt we both saw the ad for this download on the likes of IPTorrents.

swivel, Jun 17, 12:20am
eztv. it is the site I like

sighkick, Jun 17, 12:25am
Yep... my bad, it was EZTV where I found this about Pioneer One.

It may also interest those contemplating downloading episode one of this series that you can download a smaller file (rather than HD) here:

349 MB Xvid here: One. S01E01. Xvid-VODO.

badcam, Jun 17, 12:33am
I hadn't read that Pioneer One thread as I assumed (quite incorrectly) that it was a Home Audio question.

Downloading it now. AWESOME!

I'll watch it tonight.

If anyone watches something that they think is pretty good, I'd appreciate it if you could bump this thread and let us know.

badcam, Jun 17, 12:34am

sighkick, Jun 17, 2:29am
Hey badcam - do come back tomorrow and give your opinion on what you download and view.

I am maxxed out at the moment so will not be downloading right away ;)

paddaricko, Jun 17, 3:04am
Watch Alice Bleed sounds good

sighkick, Jun 17, 11:36am
Just a quick *bump* to keep the thread alive and to hope that we get some comments about one or two of these movies which haveactually been watched.

bidda2, Jun 17, 11:54am
did you watch "The Lion Share"? ? I was impressed by how good the high definition was mostly. Was a reasonably good movie with a definite more realism than holywood movies. Some makeup wouldn't hurt though when you are being filmed in HD.

Good stuff though overall.

badcam, Jun 17, 7:35pm
I watched Pioneer One last night.

Super budget. I think that that one episode is just not enough for me to decide if it's going to be any good or not. I'm not hopeful, but I think I could be drawn into it as time goes by. As there aren't (I assume) going to be many special effects, I'd suggest the Xvid rather than 720p. No 5. 1 either :(

Not that I really expected that.

It has potential, if a little slow. Some of the one liners aren't bad, comedy wise. The eye candy is good (one hot chick) and I think I recognised one of the actors from somewhere else, but I haven't had a chance to find out where from.

Archon Defender. WOW! Right up my alley. It wouldn't play on my media player, so I've only just watched the first minute before typing this. Now, THAT I can't wait to watch...

badcam, Jun 17, 7:45pm
WARNING! : Archon Defense is NOT for children. It's pretty violent. Only five minutes in, but lots of blood.

swivel, Jun 17, 8:12pm
I watch everything in VLC. Well Pioneer One is (as you said) Hard to say what it's going to turn out like. This was the same with Defying Gravity or Santuary when releasedas pod cast.

badcam, Jun 17, 8:53pm
Defying Gravity. Any good?

swivel, Jun 17, 9:01pm
It was slow, I found it OK, the season stopped as the show didn't get alot of support. I think it was the flash backs that got alot pissed off. only 13 shows.

badcam, Jun 17, 9:16pm
Freakin' A! Archon Defence was good!

My only complaint; wooden voice-overs. It's obvious they were reading rather than acting out the scripts. It didn't detract, but if they had of use professional voice actors, I can just imagine how much more I would have enjoyed that. My first highly recommended for the site. A-.

little_egypt, Jun 17, 9:37pm
Some of the docos are pretty good. Us Now is one of my fav's. Also Remix, Steal this Film. A couple of other films I've liked are Sita Sings the Blues (it's a bit weird, but it grows on you) and Nasty Old People. Most of these were suggested to me elsewhere, if you just download randomly you have to dig through a lot of crap to find the good ones.

little_egypt, Jun 17, 10:42pm
One to watch out for:

badcam, Jun 18, 7:52am
Man that looks good! Bookmarked.

"This Movie will eat your Planet'


sighkick, Jun 20, 9:52am
Anyone watched any of the other movies mentioned? I am downloading episode one of Pioneer One but its only coming down slowly 'cos I have so much other stuff on priority (including Dr. Who and Confidential E11).

*Bump to page One*;)

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