Whats better 3G or HSPA signal for wireless BB

griff30, Jun 17, 12:56am
Just got mobile broadband with vodafones vodem. It's flicking between 3G an HSPA . . It says you can lock it to one but not sure what one is faster... Thanks

vtecintegra, Jun 17, 1:12am
HSDPA is faster but vodafone doesn't use that technology.

griff30, Jun 17, 1:37am
lol thanks It actually us HSUPA... is that better though than 3G

vtecintegra, Jun 17, 1:54am
Think I put you wrong there about coverage

HSDPA/HSUPA/UTMS are all types of '3G' networks, but I'll assume 3G on your vodem equates to UTMS. HSUPA is faster than UTMS but there is less coverage - if your vodem is flicking between the two then chances are you are right at the edge of HSUPA coverage so it's not clear which will work out faster in reality. Probably easiest to experiment a bit

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