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jubba_the_d, Jun 17, 8:29am
My connection is shite... and I have rung them umpting times... but today they blamed... our wires. . ? ummm sometin to do with noise or sumthin. . ? and then they said that they redused my speed so that I would have a stable connection. . ? png

bidda2, Jun 17, 8:31am png

flewy, Jun 17, 8:33am png altittle slow tonite, usually around the 5mbs mark.

jubba_the_d, Jun 17, 8:37am
Hi Peeps... i'm in Manurewa... and distance for the exchange is another excuse they've used. . ?

bidda2, Jun 17, 8:38am
Server slightly further than next door: png

noswalg, Jun 17, 9:03am
damn it used 20GB already png

shrapz, Jun 17, 9:07am png with telecom

gazvic, Jun 17, 9:12am
It has been better... png
but at least now my plan has gone from 20Gb to 30Gb for no extra cost. So that's one good thing i guess

malachiman, Jun 17, 9:25am
Well all those are things that can effect your speed. What does your router show regarding db on the line

swivel, Jun 17, 9:28am
A little slower than usual (Telecom BigTime) png

andrea1978, Jun 17, 8:12pm png

not sure if mine is good or not? sometimes my broadband is pretty slow!

andrea1978, Jun 17, 8:15pm
Interesting that the two people on the Christchurch server have the best download speeds!

scottnlisa, Jun 17, 10:05pm
. 9 down and . 4 up with 27ms ping. That is above average for us with telecom north of chch

jetgriff, Jun 18, 12:55am
my vodafone vodumstick png

vtecintegra, Jun 18, 1:08am
10 down/2 up png

merlot06, Jun 18, 2:14am
This is mine in Ch/Ch VodafoneDownload Speed: 10493 kbps (1311. 6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 140 kbps (17. 5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 78 ms

bruceeeeee, Jun 18, 3:18am png

themuss11, Jun 18, 5:50am png

telecom big time at utmost peak hours

..pip.., Jun 18, 5:54am
Wow I wish I had speeds like you guys! ! png

princelee, Jun 18, 6:04am
orcon+ network png

jasongroves, Jun 18, 8:17am
Pretty average... but a hell of a lot better than I used to get.
I am in Dunedin though... :) png

hayster94, Jun 18, 8:20am png

with just adsl, slingshot

spyware, Jun 18, 8:28am
What do you mean excuse, how far from exchange are you? ? ?

ottoitis, Jun 18, 8:33am png

ottoitis, Jun 18, 8:40am
That'lldo me... ... ... ... ... .

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