Printer or cartridge problem?

becchb, Jun 17, 9:45pm
we have an HP Laserjet 1022 - we have bought a cheaper toner, but don't know if it's that, it is printing with grey/black area down left hand side of page...

becchb, Jun 17, 10:22pm
bump for info

gouber7, Jun 17, 10:31pm
the cheaper toner drum is faulty - pay cheap, get cheap

zl2tzw, Jun 18, 10:07am
Give it one hell of a shake. The toner may have settled at one end if the cartridge has been sitting for some time. Best of luck.

gibler, Jun 18, 11:24am
http://h10025. www1. docname=c0059928

Usually it is the toner

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