How much will my ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen be worth?

danja2177, Jun 19, 3:01am
please help i need to know how much my ipod would be worth because want to sell it on trade me here are the details below.

The front has a lot of scratches and the back is badly scratched you cant even see the writing that is on the back. it has been jail broken so that breaks the warranty it's one and a half years old, when it's in cover flow it sometimes goes to the main menu for no reason at all, the volume switch on the side of it has been broken and does not work and when you plug in headphones only one side works i have tried with new headphones and it does the same thing so the headphone jack you plug it into is broken. everything else woks fine the songs, movies, apps work, the built in speaker work cover flow works most of the time.

so how much do you think it could be worth

gibler, Jun 19, 3:08am

morrisman1, Jun 19, 3:12am
$150 tops with all those faults.

malachiman, Jun 19, 6:05am
rubbish, you just restore it back to normal.

But yeah $10, I wouldn't buy it though sounds a mess.

bwf23708, Aug 4, 1:41am
i have a 16gb 2nd generation that is absolutely perfect im tryna get rid of for 120. i didnt know if it was worth much more nowadays.

crazzygirl2000, Nov 13, 1:13am
i don't know because im'm tryin' to sell mine to... i's a 16gb the back's kinda scratched but the front is perfect and everything works exellenty! :D how much do you think its worth?

guest, Jan 10, 2:19am
i dont think u will get much, but i have an 8gb 2nd genereation ipod touch that does everything except does not play outt of headfones all the time, how much do u think id get for it? it is in pretty good condition tho.

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