Help with Adobe Reader..

wild-at-heart, Jun 21, 2:35am
I have saved a PDF file for an assignment - How do I make it so I can write on it etc as it is for an assignment? Thanks

kevin16, Jun 21, 2:41am
maybe if you used the correct term for what you are trying to do (edit perhaps? ) in to google, ... ?

wild-at-heart, Jun 21, 2:49am
Its an assignment. I have saved the file which is a PDF and now I need to be able to edit it and write on it to answer the questions and email back to the facilitator. Hope that helps

franny8, Jun 21, 2:55am
Honestly why are people alway so rude in computing, if you can't help kevin16 shut up. Sorry wild-at-heart but had to vent. Sounds like you only have PDF reader which doesn't allow you to alter documents. The only think I can suggest is to copy and paste the whole lot into Word but be aware it will go out of kilter, probably not the right way to describe what will happen but it sort of goes all over the place but at least you can then put it right and edit. I believe there is a programme which you can download which will allow you to edit but I don't know the name of it. Perhaps someone (other than rude kevin16) might know of be able to offer more assistance.

0800xford, Jun 21, 3:00am
kevin got told! for shame

wild-at-heart, Jun 21, 3:00am
Thanks franny ~ LOL thought some computing people might be helpful! !

kevin16, Jun 21, 3:04am
If the OP had read my post they'd have the answer, . and the ability to find things in the future, . . useful if you have assignments, and saves asking lots of questions that you can find answers to yourself, ... .

r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 3:09am
Rather than write on the PDF, either:
1. Print it off and hand write on it.
2. Quote (Text select & copy tool) pieces of the PDF and answer it in your own new 'Word' document.

lostdude, Jun 21, 4:11am
How did you create the pdf file ITFP?

If you wish to be able to edit pdfs then you need a professional pdf creator.

& Kevin is right. People need to learn how to ask the right questions then they will get all the answers they need from google.

franny8, in your mind there may be no such thing as a stupid question, but google can't distinguish the difference.

gibler, Jun 21, 4:37am
the real answer is:

the person who created the PDF should have made it a form that is editable. .

pheonix, Jun 21, 4:46am
You need to edit the PDF and unless you have an editing program you are going to have difficulties.
The easiest way i can suggest is use the Internet such as here ...
or in shortened form... http://fwd4. me/ThD

project_gundam, Jun 21, 5:37am
adobe acrobat reader pro will do the job.

r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 5:38am
So will PDF-Xchange Viewer (freeware)
http://pdf-xchange-viewer. en.

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