So Kinnect on the Xbox 360 will be used in Win8.

badcam, Jun 22, 1:06am
Sounds like they'll be an addon for Windows 7 first and then Windows 8 will have this built in. Minority Report redux...

That could be interesting. I wonder how long before the Linux Crew will bring out something similar.

michael.benn, Jun 22, 7:15am
I laughed, because before I opened it I was thinking of Tom Cruise dragging those icons around in Minority report. =P

badcam, Jun 22, 7:21am
It's true though. Win 8 and even Win 7. Interesting times ahead.

michael.benn, Jun 22, 8:26am
I would enjoy it if you could just use your webcam. I have a laptop. =P

ferita, Jun 22, 8:27am
All the fat geeks will be too unfit for it

pcgeek, Jun 22, 8:57am
make it super sensitive like you can with your mouse... lol

loose.unit8, Jun 22, 9:18am
The tech behind Kenetic is a bit more advanced than just a webcam (or two)

michael.benn, Jun 23, 3:42am
Kinect, and yea, I know, just dreaming. =P

cybertao, Jun 23, 4:13am
Windows is bogged down by ancient history and a lack of clear design rules. Try using Windows with a touch screen, or any other interface for that manner. You need a keyboard, and mouse to make a real go of it.
Windows was never set up with the abstraction needed for motion recognition to work. Unless they plan to do something radical for Win 8, and I don't see that happening as Windows requires some sort of backwards compatibility for upgrading corporate environments.

Wait until there is kernel support for it, then we're getting somewhere. ;-)

cybertao, Jun 23, 4:15am
I think 'Kinetic' would have been a much cooler and more relevant name.

rlr29, Jun 23, 5:45am
There are already apps, that do this. Motion Mouse, for one.

Not forgettting that Natal has several cameras/sensors. Is it still called Natal ? wtf?

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