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4xfaster, May 10, 2:23am
Are Vodafone joking?

The prices are rediculous

nzmu, May 10, 2:26am
That is inclusive of home phone and calling

4xfaster, May 10, 2:32am
Tolls? Oh.

nzmu, May 10, 2:33am
Yup link below the prices lol

flewy, May 10, 2:48am
Wow thats cheap for the 20 gb plan we pay telecom for line rental plus broadband thru ihug @ 30gb both combined is $110, looks like im changing.

nzmu, May 10, 2:53am
It's not new... I've been on the 20gig plan for 12mths... through ihug though.

flewy, May 10, 2:56am
Good consistancy nzmu?? looks real good, i have always wanted max/max but most plans were too expensive. Plus its on a 10gb drop from what im on now.

flewy, May 10, 2:58am
Should read Plus its only a 10gb drop from what im on now.

nzmu, May 10, 2:59am
Hardly ever any problems best speed for area here about 4mb. Any problems are fixed asap and you can give feedback and rate their helpdesk people.

mone, May 10, 3:01am
#1 thats cheap ass. thats effectively $45/month for 20GB plan. Telescum charge $80/month for 15GB plan.

badcam, May 10, 3:01am
Call costs look expensive: # National calls cost 25c per minute and are capped at $2.50 for up to two hours
# Calls to national mobiles are 39c per minute

nzmu, May 10, 3:02am
Hey don't all come over... it will go to the dogs like I have been reading about xnet (jk)

mone, May 10, 3:08am
Badcam most people who signup for it are enticed by the 20GB, prob dont care or dont do much toll calls anyway.

badcam, May 10, 3:11am
13. Not necessarily so mone. A lot of people don't read the small print and then wonder why their phone bill has all of a sudden sky rocketed.

nzmu, May 10, 3:12am
They are idiots if they don't check the fine print. I don't make many toll calls so all good to me.

flewy, May 10, 3:14am
Yeah me neither i dont know anyone who lives more than than 20km away from me, and i hardly ring them LOL

mone, May 10, 3:22am
Badcam I dont call anybody , except my partner at work and my mates who all live in the same town. Why would I worry about toll prices.

dino7, May 10, 3:22am
Yeah but if you have teenage girls - you need to be on 'bigbackyard' with telstra homeline otherwise it costs a friggen i best stay with xnet for bb and telstra for phones.

dino7, May 10, 3:25am
Oh but we do live rural and on a boundary of phone numbers 07 or not school in different phone area to our house:P

deodar, May 10, 3:32am
I'd make2 toll calls a year & I use Skype to call Aus,so might #
it out.Modem & installation etc.All the 'hidden' costs.& plans.I'm now
used to 100 Mgbps on campus network.
Thats fast.

olwen, May 10, 3:37am
I have a toll bundle where I pay $20 for local calls. You should be able to add that to that package I think.
Also options that include AU calls and most international calls.

rua69, May 10, 3:38am
We've been with Vodafone/Ihug for over a year and found their customer service to be worse than terrible, so any takers had better cross their fingers that they have no trouble. If you're bothered by toll prices just use one of those cheapy prepaid calling cards...

nzmu, May 10, 3:45am
Rua - sorry to hear you had bad service... I've only ever struck one horrid person and I left very bad feedback. Did you?

rua69, May 10, 3:55am
#23 certainly and I explain why. I should say that my complaint is never about the service per se (I've never struck an unhelpful person), I just get tired of waiting 20 minutes for them to answer and several days for someone to turn up and fix the problem!

kane199, May 10, 4:11am
We have a similar plan for $80 a month, free national calls, 20gb Max/128, been quite slow lately though.

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