Laptop power adapter

corral, Jun 22, 8:22am
I'm on dial up, I can go line with just the battery power but soon as I plug in the power adapter it disconnects, everything is still new, the cables and adapter, thanks for any info.

lostdude, Jun 22, 8:32am
Shutdown the laptop, unplug the power adapter then remove the battery. Replug the power & turn it on then tell us what happens.

corral, Jun 22, 8:40am
I was trying to do that, but no instructions how to take the battery out, thanks.

lostdude, Jun 22, 9:08am
Unless you have a dinosaur, there will usually be 2 slider clips underneath with an icon that resembles a battery

corral, Jun 22, 9:17am
HaHa, I will suss that out, thanks again.

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