Acer predictions

charles.j, Jun 23, 7:45am uk/Laptops-Desktop-Replacements-L
aptop-Sales-China-Taiwan, news-33723.html

Tui anyone?

I'd choose HP anyday :-)

project_gundam, Jun 23, 7:51am
I have acer asphire havn't had any probs with it . . Other than say the materials are budget as the entire screen broke when i dropped it on carpet. .

pjal, Jun 23, 8:05am
You can hardly blame Acer for that.

wholesaler, Jun 23, 8:09am
I would choose HP also but I HATE HATE HATE the compaq consumer line, the Probook is good and the business range is excellent though.

badcam, Jun 23, 8:16am
Wife has an Acer Aspire. IMO, it's very good. Most of the people I know seem to have Acer laptops (ASUS is my preference) and I've never seen one have any hardware problems. It's always software related.

malachiman, Jun 23, 10:10pm
Bragging about beating HP with them similar fail rate is hardly something to be proud of. (with exception the business models)

When most people only do email and web, a $700 piece of junk is all you need.

rgtrading, Jun 23, 10:51pm
I'm sure they've already overtaken HP in warranty claims.

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