Line Spacing in Word 2007

yovas, Jun 25, 7:53am
Does anyone know how to change or make a default setting in Word 2007 where the line spacing is single spacing? Every time I open it, I get multiple spacing which is very frustrating! Many thanks.

thekids1, Jun 25, 7:56am
in the paragraph part at the top, it is in there with the arrow pointing up and down. click on that and you can change the line spacing.

mone, Jun 25, 7:57am
Click on Paragraph

fastboy42, Jun 25, 7:57am
Perhaps this would help:

yovas, Jun 25, 8:09am
Thank you everyone! Fastboy, you're on to it. Will give it a go now. Many thanks.

yovas, Jun 25, 8:16am
Thank you ever so much! It worked. Yeah!

fastboy42, Jun 25, 8:39am
No problem

johnlyn, Jun 25, 9:21am
On the home ribbon you can just click on the style ???No Spacing??? right next to the ???Normal??? one also

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