Help with Access Database

Help with Access Database I am trying to put a Subform in my form. When I click on the Subform in Tools the wizard starts and when the box to select what table or query to choose from. They are not listed. I have three tables and 6 Queries. The only thing that is shown is my Main Menu Form. Which I do not want. What Can the problem be. Thanks

geek_switched_on, May 10, 7:52 pm

What version of Access please?

geek_johnlyn, May 10, 7:54 pm

Access 2002 Thanks

geek_switched_on, May 10, 7:57 pm

I don't have that version but try highlighting the table first then...

geek_johnlyn, May 10, 8:04 pm

I have got it I was createing it wrong silly me. Thanks

geek_switched_on, May 10, 8:27 pm