Eclipse UCNV884 Car audio system

radha_giridhari, Jun 28, 9:35am
We recently purchased a car, it came with ECLIPSE UCNV884 car audio/navigation player installed in it.

The language preset is japanese(we believe), is there any way to change the default language to English?

Also, it has TV and Navigation facility available, can we use it here in NZ?

Also, is it possible to use any other format of CD/DVD for music/video except CD ROM?

It also came with DVD MAP for Eclipse Navigation system VOL. 14 DVD ROM, can we use it in any way?

Any help would be appreciated.

http://images. jp

http://images. jp

lostdude, Jun 28, 9:47am
http://answers. qid=20091203130434AA

radha_giridhari, Jun 28, 9:50am
thanks lostdude. I guess we'll try to sell it. Is there any way we can use video cd or dvd in this player?

roger, Aug 1, 12:56am
how do I re-program my ECLIPSE UCNV884 car audio/navigation player?

suranga, Aug 12, 9:23am
i have the sane problum

guest, Mar 21, 3:16am
how to reboot an eclipse ucnv884re car stereo after power loss

king, Nov 2, 2:51am
use the dvd map disc vol 14 the has to be done each time the car battery is disconnected

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