Hp printer help me

bill562, Jun 29, 10:59pm
I have a HP printer/scanener type psc 2100 series and it will not prinet and has message that comes up saying the right cartridge is incorrect.

kevin16, Jun 29, 11:01pm
and this just 'happened' or is there a back story?

bill562, Jun 29, 11:04pm
just started to day

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 29, 11:11pm
Is it a genuine HP cartridge?

bill562, Jun 29, 11:13pm
yes genuine HP

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 29, 11:17pm
tried pulling them all out and putting them back again?

bill562, Jun 29, 11:29pm
Yep tried that same thing

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 29, 11:38pm
clean the contacts with a swab and some rubbing alcohol

bill562, Jun 29, 11:46pm
did that still the same.

wombatunder, Jun 29, 11:57pm
HP has a very nasty timebomb built into its cartridges. There is a chip in them that has a hard-wired "expiry date" that is about two years after the expiry date that is printed on the box. You have to replace that cartridge, even if it is nearly full!

However, there is a trick that works with some models of HP cartridges. Power off the printer and unplug it from the mains. Assuming Windows is your OS, right-click on the time display in the tray and select Adjust Date and Time. Scroll the year back a year or two and hit OK. Then, plug in the printer and try to print something.

If it works, it will now keep working until next time the power is cut off from the printer. Remember to put your system clock back to the correct year:it won't affect the printer. For convenience, keep the printer powered up. It won't consume measurable power whilst it's not in use.

bill562, Jun 30, 1:34am
No did not work

biggal, Jun 30, 1:47am
Any chance the cartridges are swapped over?

bill562, Jun 30, 3:36am
No thats all good

gibler, Jun 30, 6:37am
printer or cartridge purchased from overseas?
might just be a dud cartridge . . happened to me a few times.

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