Want 2 WD 500gb HDDs?

Vote for my sister's proposal story!

1. Vote for: http://www.dfnz.co.nz/propose/view. php? id=172&row=1

2. Post in http://www.gpforums.co.nz/thread/395516/? s=

And you're in the draw!

Easy as that.

Your help is really appreciated!

geek_saverz, Jun 30, 5:49 pm

Voted :)

geek_mattie47, Jun 30, 5:58 pm

Voted! !

geek_gasaxe, Jun 30, 9:34 pm

i want two hard drives XD

i helped too

geek_seriouslycgi, Jun 30, 9:49 pm

votado, dooo eeet!

http://kristopherkrawiec. mlblogs.com/Napolean%20vote%20of%20
pedro. jpg

geek_0800xford, Jun 30, 9:51 pm