Can you use a wireless printer to....

lyndon.craw, Jun 30, 11:29pm
Can you use a wireless printer to connect a laptop to the internet. If you set up the wireless in adhoc mode to connect to the laptop and the printer in connected (wired)to your DSL router (modem/non wireless) will/can the printer give you access to the internet?

kevin16, Jun 30, 11:39pm
'there is no such thing as a stupid question'. . incorrect! . this one proves there is...

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 30, 11:42pm
Its a legit question, but no, i doubt that is possible.

jaja6, Jun 30, 11:45pm
Never under-estimate the power of imagination!

kevin16, Jun 30, 11:49pm
http://media. gif

gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 4:23am
Yes! Unplug the ethernet cable from the printer, and plug that cable into the laptop to connect it to the internet. Discard the printer...

funnyfellanz, Jul 1, 4:33am
I think they are meaning can the printer act as a Wifi AP
aka ethernet into printer, wifi out of printer to laptop carrying the internet with it...

personally I have no idea though, but some of you guys can be mean, its actually a good question

diamond_36, Jul 1, 5:04am
Fridges can talk to the internet (Thanks to IPV6) ... so it won't be far off ... . . but not just yet! ! ! ! good Idea thought ... who would ever have thought of a printer and Wireless router/switch ... . and combine them both together ... . using one power supply! Awesome Idea... . most people have a printer ... . . but no one has got a WI Fi - Prouter!

keep em coming ... . this could take off!

radiowaves, Jul 1, 5:22am
Yeah it would be feckin awesome when you run out of ink "sorry you cannot connect to the internet until you replace your cyan ink cartridge which is low"PS only oem cartridges will work.

soodanim, Jul 1, 5:27am
No it's not.

jbpcsolutionstm, Jul 1, 5:34am
No. Its not a wireless access point. What a retarded question.

funnyfellanz, Jul 1, 6:18am
For the non-tech minded, it is.
Would save purchasing a seperate wifi router, so why not check first?

funnyfellanz, Jul 1, 6:19am
For people tech minded, agreed, but not everyone on the TMMB is tech minded. Don't need to put people down just because you know and they don't

soodanim, Jul 1, 6:50am
Good grief, get over it ...

It's the computing message board not the Free help forum and service with a smile. Were they talking to you? Geez, wonder how people get on it life if people aren't always "nice" to them.

lucky3, Jul 1, 6:51am
Agree - it's not a stupid idea, why not have a central hub that is printer/router/NAS and all devices can connect to it, either wireless or wired

kevin16, Jul 1, 7:05am
so every time your printer bites the dust, ? . ? . ?

lucky3, Jul 1, 7:09am
@ kevin16 - good call, i'd better get separate devices to surf the net, play games and send emails because everytime my pc bites the dust...

kevin16, Jul 1, 7:15am
@lucky3 , . . how many printers have you thrown out? , they are cheap, expendable items, . . because they do 'retire', . .

dunedin_ree, Jul 1, 7:15am
I don't like the idea because it means that you have to cable your printer/fax/scanner/copier/rou-
ter to your phone jack (which could be really inconvenient depending on where the jack is). The great thing about wifi is that your bulky devices don't *need* to be close or cabled to the phone jack - just your modem/router (compare the size of that to a printer! ).

lucky3, Jul 1, 7:33am
@kevin - I've thrown out about 2 printers and gone through (most resold) probably 5 routers. I think most people just don't print much at home anymore. And why not have the device made of components that can be interchanged?

Ree - good call, my point is that a pc is about converging many useful items into one - why not associate that with other devices as well - you could have a sender from the router to the phone jack. I've seen them with wireless cameras and routers obviously

dunedin_ree, Jul 1, 7:47am
As a general rule, I don't like all-in-one devices. But I'm not a typical home user, I'm a gadget freak.

wombatunder, Jul 1, 9:36am
Wouldn't it be cool if you had a printer that doubled as a compact electricity substation with UPS? It could then have banks of power sockets of various voltages and phases, all on retractable cables, so you could plug in all your gadgets in one place. In the unlikely event that you ever needed to print something, this printer could also print stuff.

lucky3, Jul 2, 8:18am
+1 wombatunder, only i'm going to upgrade mine to print wrist straps so i can sneak into woodstock with banks of power sockets

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