Adobe PDF Reader

brymak, Jul 1, 4:25am
Why a does a20 odd MB download turn into 200 odd MB load space on my HDD?

drcspy, Jul 1, 4:27am
compressed file ?

gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 4:27am
Adobe Reader has an unusual compression applied to the download, specifically optimised for small size.

brymak, Jul 1, 4:31am
Just seems a huge waste of HDD space to read the occasional PDF file, is Sumatra ok?

gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 4:38am
Isn't 200MB about 2cents worth of disk?

wombatunder, Jul 1, 4:41am
The MSI should be ~ 30 MB and Adobe Reader after installation occupies ~75 MB. The msi packages compress a lot of the stuff that is to be installed. I shudder to think what you might have acquired there with 200MB on disk! Did you get it from the Adobe site or somewhere else?

radiowaves, Jul 1, 4:47am
Who in their right mind uses Adobe Reader anyway?

brymak, Jul 1, 4:47am
From the Adobe site.

brymak, Jul 1, 4:51am
Not on a 20Gb HDD!

gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 4:55am
Ok, 9cents worth then:

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