Adobe v 10

had v 7 installed and when i up graded to 10 kept getting a message error from microsoft that kept poping up till i uninstalled. anyone else had this problem or know how to fix?

geek_smurfgirl, Jul 1, 6:12 pm

You should be updating flash on a regular basis. Adobe Flash is ridden with security flaws. How did you update it?

geek_badcam, Jul 1, 6:17 pm

uninstall V7 before installing V10

geek_biggal, Jul 1, 7:27 pm


Flash, reader, photoshop etc etc etc

geek_radiowaves, Jul 1, 9:00 pm

Ah, must be Flash. That is on about 10. 1
Reader is up to 9. 3. 3 (yesterdays update was due to an active exploit).
Photoshop is Elements 9 or CS5.

Oops - Elements appears to be up to 10 too!

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 9:40 pm

wow 10's out

geek_project_gundam, Jul 1, 11:20 pm