Upgrading to windows 7 64bit (few questions)

dgmossman, Jul 1, 10:47pm
I am considering upgrading my OS to windows 7 64bit. Currently I have windows 7 32bit installed. Being a Dell, my notebook came preloaded with dell dock and dell video chat as well as some other dell software. Is there any (relatively easy) way to retain these preloaded programs when I upgrade? TIA

pcfix4u, Jul 1, 10:54pm
Go to the dell site and see if they are available for 64Bit.

I am not keen on upgrades a clean install is the way to go.

0800xford, Jul 1, 10:54pm
maybe you could get the win7 64 disc from dell?

dgmossman, Jul 1, 11:03pm
I probably would do a clean install. If I did a clean install, am i likely to have any trouble with drivers etc? I suppose I would need 64Bit versions of the dell software anyway. 64Bit was an option when i purchased my notebook, but I decided to stick with 32Bit for some reason...

dgmossman, Jul 1, 11:04pm
True, I have sent them an email. Although they only offered me the win7 32Bit when they did the 'free upgrade to 7 if you purchase now' thing.

drcspy, Jul 1, 11:04pm
well then obviously dell WILL have the necessary drivers/software

0800xford, Jul 1, 11:04pm
then you will probably be fine, which model did you get?

dgmossman, Jul 1, 11:05pm
It is a Studio XPS 1640.

dgmossman, Jul 1, 11:14pm
Also... . will 32Bit software run on a 64Bit OS? What about Hardware?

rgtrading, Jul 1, 11:28pm
If its a netbook, then I'm willing to wager that you don't have more than 4GB of RAM. If that's the case, then is really no point in going or 64-bit instead.

However, if you do, there should be no issues with drivers. I've been running 64-bit for months and have no problems whatsoever - in the rare occurrence that there is no 64-version, it will run 32-bit fine anyway.

0800xford, Jul 1, 11:40pm
i'm pretty sure if you called dell they could answer most, if not all, of these questions.

damon3, Jul 2, 2:26am
There is something important that you probably need to know: you can't upgrade from 32bit to 64bit, looks like you were going for a clean install anyway, but you should know that an upgrade is not an option.

dgmossman, Jul 2, 4:08am
Yea, thanks for that. I just found that out on google. I would phone Dell about this, but I just find it really hard to understand most of the phone service reps.

So just to get this straight, if I do a clean 64Bit install:
-I should be able to download all of the hardware drivers I need from the dell website.
-Most 32Bit software should work, apart from Antivirus.
-Hardware built for 32Bit will not work.
-I will lose any 3rd party software which came with my comp (dell dock, dell video chat, dell datasafe etc).
-My recovery partition(made by dell) will remain, and if anything goes wrong I should be able to revert back to the state my comp was in when purchased.

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