Wireless printer help please

michelle145, Jul 2, 4:47am
My new Brother MFC255 will not talk to my Compaq laptop and i am having trouble enableing the wireless... .

michelle145, Jul 2, 6:23am

spyware, Jul 2, 6:47am
Describe your little network, printer connects to switch via patch lead, laptop connects to switch via patch lead or via wireless to an access point? ?

Are you following install instructions, if so where did you get to, as in page number? ?

michelle145, Jul 2, 7:26am
i have compaq lappy modem and printer. Printer is connected to phone line and power. Lappy is connected to power and modem... went through the entire set up,

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 7:31am
Printer doesn't need to be connected to the phone line if it's wireless.

michelle145, Jul 2, 7:32am
ii need to connect for the fax

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 7:50am
Ah right, fair enough :P

So you've gone through the setup? Does your router/modem have a WPS (wifi protected setup) button? Usually that needs to be pressed when going through the printer setup.

michelle145, Jul 2, 7:56am
yep, button pressed :)

spyware, Jul 2, 8:18am
If WPS doesn't work then onto the next method. You'll need SSID, passphrase and encryption type and manually configure.

michelle145, Jul 2, 9:22am
where do i find SSID and passphrase etc please? ?

biggyrat, Jul 3, 12:30am
Throw the Router out and configure "Ad Hoc". . reset on the Menu on the Brother , and start from Scratch... we have the same prob with a Bro. 665CW...

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