Printer not printing what is on screen or preview

paulmc, Jul 3, 1:59am
I am trying to print a one page excel document sent by email. It opens ok and appears ok in print preview but when I print, a different (outdated) document comes out. Why does an older list get printed that didn't even come with the email (as far as I can see) and how can I check before printing that the correct page will be printed (since I can't rely on print preview).

r.g.nixon, Jul 3, 2:15am
A quick solution is to select that part of the sheet that you want, click Print... (that way you get more options), and just choose "Print active selection", not page or pages.

r.g.nixon, Jul 3, 2:16am
Oh, and if it is really printing from another version or document still, then you still have something in your print queue that needs flushing/purging/cancelling first.

paulmc, Jul 3, 2:59am
I discovered that the sender had sent a 2 page document and for some unknown reason had added the new page at the end of the old one instead of deleting the outdated page so all I had to do was print the second page.

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