Canon MP780 Printer Wrong Cartridge error message.

scottorn, Jul 3, 8:38pm
Hi all, keep getting the above error message, try removing cartridges and and pront head and cleaning all. unplugger printer for one hour, still get the same message and cannot print any work due to this problem.
Any one know how to correct please.

drcspy, Jul 3, 8:50pm
genuine cart or refilled ?

scottorn, Jul 3, 9:09pm
The real thing, but as there are no electronics in the cartridge it should not matter.

drcspy, Jul 3, 9:15pm
http://pixma. p=165/750-780.html

lythande1, Jul 3, 9:19pm
Could be the print heads are knackered.

scottorn, Jul 3, 9:38pm
Hi, the link did not help but thanks anyway, look around google and it seems to be a common problem but no one seems to know how to fix so I was trying the community to see if any one else had had the issue.
Re the print head, they are costly and from google they did not help, I am beging to think it is a software issue in the printer firmware.

guest, Sep 1, 8:01pm
canon printer sucks, same problem a year ago with error message cannot be reset. Ended up throw it away.

helper, Nov 27, 2:43pm
You don't need to trow it away. A little more patience will help. Take out the cartridges, take out the printhead, take toilet paper or paper towels, rubbing alcohol, and gently clean the bottom of the printhead with toilet paper and rubbing alcohol. Do it a couple of times to be sure, then reassemble everything back, and enjoy same quality printing as before. If you do it a couple of times, and it does not work, I guess then you will need to replace the printhead.

helper, Nov 27, 2:47pm
I forgot to mention that after you clean, you will need to disconnect the printer from the electical supply (not just the to power it down with the button) and you computer for about 30 min. Take out all the cables. Cannon suggests this to clear the memory.

guest, Oct 24, 5:19pm
Canon sucks. Bad service. Bad products - break down quickly and and often. Lookiing for a better product. Won't buy from them again. Epson seems to last forever and has excellent quality. Will look into their product.

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