Unable to access any Microsoft web site

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 3:17am
When I try to access any web site with "Microsoft" in the address my browser displays a message that it cannot be found. This doesn't occur wit any other addresses. I have tried browsing withMS Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and it's the same with them all. - Microsoft help desk declined to help and correspondence to them has gone unanswered and of course I can't access the Microsoft knowledge base.
- Any suggestions, please?

jcmp21, Jul 7, 3:23am
Can you get to any security software sites? .


r.g.nixon, Jul 7, 6:12am
Try the free program from malwarebytes.org

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 10:36am
Sorry but I can't read Braille

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 11:02am
r. g. nixon wrote:
Try the free program from malwarebytes.org[/quote

I have tried that, also AdAware] and SpyBot. A clean bill of health on all counts

dunedin_ree, Jul 7, 11:03am
Malwarebytes, updated, and run in safe mode?

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 11:12am
Thanks for the suggestion. I have very satisfactory software and hardware security on all counts, so I don't think those offerings would be any improvement. I don't think it's a security problem, I think there is maybe some blockage at the Microsoft end.

dunedin_ree, Jul 7, 11:15am
If there was, then millions of users would also be complaining.

Suggest that you do a Malwareytes scan in safe mode.

jcmp21, Jul 7, 11:21am
I was suggesting you try accessing those sites to see if you were being blocked from them by some nefarious software.

jcmp21, Jul 7, 11:24am
Are you able to access from any other machines from you network? .
Does the URL resolve to microsoft ip addresses?
have you tried a tracert?

skin1235, Jul 7, 7:28pm
zl2oah, had a callsign like that once upon a time, long time ago tho,

questions, , you've tried several browsers with no luck, so which version of windows, xp, vista, win7? ,

if xp, using firefox, go to tools, options, and click on network tab, see 'configure how firefox connects etc, clcik on the settings box, does it show 'no proxy or auto detect proxy, change it so it has 'no proxy' selected, restart the computer and report back, if you cannot get back you can change it to auto detect and then try again

in one of the later windows updates this has often been changed in the process and depending on how your machine is configured can cause the type of problems you have, just changing it to something else and even sometimes changing it back after a restart may fix it, defies logic I know but in some cases does work

gul, Jul 7, 7:55pm
I have a similar problem. Cannot access any microsoft website. I have an Xp and have run all the standard checks - malwarebytes, spybot and also have a licesenced anti virus.

I might try the safemode malware run though. will report if it works...

r.g.nixon, Jul 7, 8:33pm
Look in windows\system32\drivers\etc, if you have a HOSTS file there (no extension), rename it to HOSTS. LOG and see if that makes a difference. If it does, then edit the file with Notepad, removing the microsoft entries, then rename it back.

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 9:50pm
Thanks, but sadly it makes no difference.

0800xford, Jul 7, 9:56pm
who is your ISP? have you told them? maybe reset your router? do you have any live linux discs you could try?

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 10:19pm
I'm using Win XP Professional and Firefox 3. . 6. 6, although as I mentioned the problem arises with other browsers. I tried what you suggested but again, no luck.

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 10:21pm
Thank you. My ISP says it's a Microsoft problem. No I haven't ventured into Linux. There's nothing amiss with the browser i general, but this one annoying feature.

0800xford, Jul 7, 10:22pm

zl2aoh, Jul 7, 10:23pm
Thanks, I hadn't thought of running it in Safe Mode. It didn't find anything amiss.

jcmp21, Jul 8, 12:26am
Why would the problem be at microsofts end? .

Have you tried connecting from another machine on your network?
What IP is your machine resolving microsofts URL?
Do you get your DNS from your router, or is it set static in your network config?
what's the results of tracert to Microsofts site?

gul, Jul 8, 3:47pm
Solved. Repaired my windows xp installation. And the best part is almost all my old applications seem to work!!

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