Printer/fax to dialup connection - Please help!

angelzw, Jul 7, 3:38am
I have a brand new pc running Win7 and a brand new Epson TX300F printer/scanner/fax. I have connected it according to the instructions and the printer & manual fax is working. I can't seem to setup the dialup connection. Can anyone help. When I create a dialup connection and then go to properties it says "No Modem is connected. " The printer is connected to the pc using a USB cable. The pc only has an ethernet cable and there is no palce to connect the phone line. Please help!

angelzw, Jul 7, 3:50am
OK. I'm pretty sure this can't work as there's no comms to the phone line.

drcspy, Jul 7, 4:12am
the ONLY way you can connect the computer to a dialup connection is to have a dialup modem installed in the computer... ... . . you CANNOT run a fax or dialup system through a broadband connection

angelzw, Jul 7, 4:21am
Yeah I figured. The guy who sold it to the person concerned said "Oh no you don't need anything else. Just connect it up and away you go".

angelzw, Jul 7, 4:23am
Have recommended upgrading to broadband as well. He was thinking of doing so so this has just made up his mind. I have told him he will need a broadband modem.

drcspy, Jul 7, 4:24am
the fax does not need to be and shouldn't be connected thru the computer anyway... ... . these are 'standalone' machines they plug the phone line into IT not the comp... ... ... ...

soodanim, Jul 7, 4:25am
So they sold it to them telling them they could use it to connect to the internet?

drcspy, Jul 7, 4:25am
look closely at the scanner/fax machine there'll be an rj11 plug hole on it... ... ... ... . and try reading the manual ?

soodanim, Jul 7, 4:26am
It's an all in one printer/scanner/fax... .

drcspy, Jul 7, 4:28am

and it'll need to be plugged in to the phone line thru a filter as they have broadband and it's a telephone device (fax modem)

soodanim, Jul 7, 4:30am
which needs to be connected to the computer to print from it... . but anyway...
They say in the first post the printer and manual fax (manual? ) are working... . .

I think they are trying to use it to make a dial up connection, not that they can't get the fax to work.

drcspy, Jul 7, 4:48am
I'm confused and i think they might be also rofl

angelzw, Jul 7, 5:24am
Yeah the guy that sold it told the guy that bought the pc & printer/scanner/fax setup he would not need anything else even tho he said he told them he's on dialup. He is on a dialup connection so yeah it can't work like that as he does not have a dialup modem on his new pc. He has decided to go bband anyway so will be able to hook it all up.

drcspy, Jul 7, 5:28am
ah so he was sold a pc without a dialup modem... ... ... not uncommon mostly they dont have em now you got to get one installed if you need it... ... simple job really takes about 10 mins max

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