Need a new printer , recommendations please

dutchygal, Jul 7, 8:16pm
It seems many of the cheaper ones have very expensive consumables. Also I have also always used single colour cartridges, is it more cost effective? We dont use it alot, mainly B/W text , the odd school assignments in colour but I would say infrequent use

lythande1, Jul 7, 9:18pm
Go to, check the model you like, look at how many pages you get per cartridge. That tells you whether its cost effective or not, most cheap printers do bugger all pages so you're buying ink all the time. I won't look at anything under 800 pages per cartridge.

0800xford, Jul 7, 9:19pm
my little slow old noisy epson c59 has 4 individually replaceable inks for $9. 99 each, the best thing about it is that it shakes the whole house when printing, fun times.
my c65 was much nicer, faster, quieter, less exciting, but the inks were closer to $30 so yeah.

shader4, Jul 7, 11:38pm
The cheaper printers are effectively loss leaders. Companies make their money on the inks. It's just the business model at the bottom end of the market - although, rather successful it must be said.
If colour is a necessity then maybe something like a Canon iP4700? Canon used to be good (not sure what they're like these days though)

nukhelenc, Jul 7, 11:39pm
I use a HP laserjet p1005 Black no colour and i find it sweet as.
Did have a Brother MCF (still do) and that would have to be the nastiest colour hungry peace of crap ive ever had the miss fortune to buy.
It hogs the ink doing self cleaning and every time it says one colour is empty i cant get it to do anything.
I would never buy a colour printer again.
I would love to biff that brother back thro the brother office window :)

duggin, Jul 8, 1:36am
I've got a canon iP5000 - has 5 individual cartridges. Compatible cartridges are about $6. 00, genuine canon between $24 - $31. 00. Been using compats since I bought it 4 years ago with no problems. This model also prints directly onto a cd rather than make a label and stick it on. Don't know if other iP models have that capability.

rua69, Jul 8, 2:10am
Save your money and use someone's else's, say at the library or at an internet cafe.

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