Installed Flash player10 ActiveX

and now Trade me pops up a message that says
this webpage has caused a problem with IE and has had to recover it .
then after 3 go of that it says it cant return me to that page .
it only started doing this since I installed it this morning
running XP and windows 7
any help would be truly appreciated , Thanks

geek_stitch50, Jul 8, 3:24 pm

and they both do it?

geek_0800xford, Jul 8, 3:29 pm

Opps , Have I given the wrong things ? I'm not sure of anything anymore ! ( ignore the windows 7 , as I put that in as I thought you would ask for it , sorry , ) I run xp , It appears to be a problen between IE and trade me , but only since the FP10 download . I'll have to remove it as It keep bumping me off trade me . and I need it between 4 and 5 today so I'll be back after that , but any ideas would be appreciated , cheers

geek_stitch50, Jul 8, 3:40 pm

one suggestion would be use a different web browser, like firefox or opera.
another suggestion would be clear your cache and cookies
uninstalling the old flash player and reinstalling the new one may work.

geek_0800xford, Jul 8, 3:42 pm

Thanks , I will have a go at firefox and see it that is better , do you know if firefox has its own email program ? and do I needto uninstall IE befdore I download FF? Cheers

geek_stitch50, Jul 8, 5:20 pm

thunderbird is good for emails [made by mozilla too] or you can just use whatever you currently use for email.
and no, don't remove ie, firstly you can't, secondly you may need it one day.

geek_0800xford, Jul 8, 5:23 pm