PDF Printing problem - please help

cranto, Jul 8, 9:05pm
Half the time when I print a PDF it comes out as symbols and letters / numbers out of sequence etc. When I reprint the document it prints fine. Any ideas on what causes the gobbledy gook the first time around? Gets frustrating having to reprint all the time. TIA

kevin16, Jul 8, 9:14pm
which pdf app are you using? , what OS? , . .

smoothjazz, Jul 8, 9:15pm
Try this, when printing window pops out, click on Advanced botton, now tick the "Print as Image" option, print and report back in here

cranto, Jul 8, 11:07pm
PDF app = Adobe Reader 7
OS = (guess this is Windows xp? ? )

cranto, Jul 8, 11:08pm
Will try that next time. Just printed a doc now and it printed ok (but half the time it does and half the time it doesn't).

r.g.nixon, Jul 8, 11:10pm
Try Adobe Reader 9. 3. 3 (if you don't mind a *very* large download).
Optionally, try Foxit or Sumatra PDF readers.

kevin16, Jul 9, 12:04am
I'd go foxit, . . http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/index. php

cranto, Jul 12, 8:22pm
Thanks - i've downloaded Adobe Reader 9. 3 and it seems to be working well so far.

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