Creating business card help please.

jaez1, Jul 10, 12:28am
I've created a business card in "Word". I'm happy enough with it - except that my picture and text aren't "glued" together.
When I try to copy my card to add a page full of cards, my pic comes, but leaves behind my text ie I would have to copy and paste all parts seperately.
Can someone please tell me how to fix this please - in a beginners language. Thanks kindly.

johnlyn, Jul 10, 12:32am
How have you typed the words? Just on the document or in a text box?

kevin16, Jul 10, 12:36am
you make 1 card, save it, then when you print using the wiz. you can select multiple pics(cards) on one page

johnlyn, Jul 10, 12:38am
Any way to select both you will need to use the shift key.

First select the words or picture which is ever first then hold down the shift key and select the picture or words then copy and paste

jaez1, Jul 10, 12:59am
I did the text in "Word Art", then "moved" that text on top of the pic.
No, I didn't make a text box because that would have left a box around the text? Thanks again.

johnlyn, Jul 10, 1:09am
In that case select both then right click and group them

jaez1, Jul 10, 1:10am
mmmm sorry johnlyn, will you pls tell me how to group them? Thanks

johnlyn, Jul 10, 1:17am
First select the first object then while holding down the shift key on your keyboard continue to select each item then once all selected hover on middle of all selections then right click and chose grouping then chose group

johnlyn, Jul 10, 1:49am
Let me know if you are still having problems because you need to make sure the picture is set for behind text and your word art in front. To achieve that you right click word art and chose order then chose bring to the front.

jaez1, Jul 10, 2:11am
Hi. Me again. I tried the "shift, select, grouping thing, but it only allowed me to select the whole creation.
When I "right click "etc there is not an "Order" option. Thanks again.

johnlyn, Jul 10, 2:17am
What version of word do you have?

jaez1, Jul 10, 2:22am
Word 2000. Cheers

johnlyn, Jul 10, 2:27am
It has been awhile since I have worked with that version and no have it to help you. You could take a print screen of it and past it back in word as a picture

jaez1, Jul 10, 2:29am
Ohhh Ok thanks a lot. You have a great day. I hope this good deed of yours comes back to you in full. :)

biker_69, Jul 10, 3:04am
Use CTRL instead of SHIFT.

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