Would this power adapter fit my D link wireless

taniamarshall, Jul 11, 1:20am
would this power adapter 301735958fit my D link wireless router

i need a 12v 1. 25amp plug

jaycar want $45 for one

cheers guys

r.g.nixon, Jul 11, 1:24am
Well the volts and amps are fine... depends on the size of the plug hole.

taniamarshall, Jul 11, 1:31am
does it matter if its regulated or not?

0800xford, Jul 11, 1:31am
which model "D link wireless router" ?

taniamarshall, Jul 11, 1:33am

drcspy, Jul 11, 1:38am
it' ALSO depends on the polarity of the plug and if you get it wrong... ... ... . . not good

0800xford, Jul 11, 1:40am
can you be bothered bidding? if so you could save some cash and get a whole new one for less than $45

taniamarshall, Jul 11, 1:45am
$45? ? where from? which brand? i want to stick with dlink they have been good to me

0800xford, Jul 11, 1:48am
sorry, that should have read "a whole new router of the same make and model"

drcspy, Jul 11, 3:10am
You're kidding right ?

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults. aspx? &sear

taniamarshall, Jul 11, 3:17am
try reading his post properly he said "new"... ... ... ... ... -
... ... http://www.trademe.co.nz-
/Browse/SearchResults. aspx? sea-

drcspy, Jul 11, 3:24am
not much chance new for under $50 there are some new ones there but they're a lot more expensive than that

richms, Jul 11, 6:06am
Most routers etc internally regulate to 3. 3v and dont use the supply directly. There is nothing that needs 12v in a router, so any power supply able to supply the power will do IME. Have a linksys and a asus that came with crappy transformer based 12v ones which work fine off a 5v switching one.

d.snell, Jul 11, 6:54am
No it won't. DLink Routers use 12v AC @ 1. 2A. That one you are looking at is 12v DC. .

biggal, Jul 12, 2:40am
The silence is deafening

richms, Jul 12, 6:35am
I have a dlink here, its an old 802. 11g one, and it works on the same 5v supply that works my asus and linksys one.

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