Unlock dvd region for intel pentium duel cpu e2200

nayrith, Jul 11, 2:27am
does anyone know how to do this? i havent yet tried playing a non region 4 dvd as i have none but how can i tell if i can play them on my computer or not? i tried google but no threads came up

swivel, Jul 11, 2:31am
it's the dvd drive not the cpu to be unlocked. Just use VLC player

nayrith, Jul 11, 2:32am
Im currently using VLC player. can it play all region dvds?

nayrith, Jul 11, 2:51am
Also how do you check what region your dvd drive is set to? i can play region 4 obviously but where does it say?

flockton55, Jul 11, 8:29am
Go to the control panel, select system, then device manager. Select the CD/DVD drive, there is a tab in the info for DVD region set, it also says how many changes are left.

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