Help - cant access any antivirus websites !

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 6:13am
I have McAfee Security Centre though Xtra, and it came up with a fault (cant be fixed via the usual fix button) so I have attempted to download the programme again. BUT I cant access any antivirus website - McAfee, Nortons etc. Is this in itself a virus ? ? ! !

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 6:20am
Some kind of Malware, probably.

Download Malwarebytes on another computer, then transfer it to your computer via a USB drive and run it *in safe mode*.

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 6:25am
thanks will do - how do you start up in safe mode ?

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 6:28am
all/proddocs/en-us/boot_failsafe. mspx? mfr=true

r.g.nixon, Jul 11, 6:28am

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 8:38am
have tried advice above & still no go. Next suggestion ? I can access the sites on our laptop no problem (connects to the wireless router on this computer)

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 8:42am
No go? What did you do exactly?

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 8:44am
downloaded malware onto a USB stick, rebooted PC in safe mode and installed malware ... ran the scan and it came up with 2 infected areas but said it couldnt remove them ? 1 it removed OK. Have restarted PC in standard mode and tried websites again but cannot access them. I have tried reinstalling McAfee off the USB stick also, but it wont let me do this.

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 8:46am
Did you update Malwarebytes before you ran it?

What is the name of the infection you couldn't remove?

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 8:48am
yes I did update. Will go back and get the names ... . back soon !

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 9:21am
correction - no I couldnt update it - message was MBAM-ERROR. UPDATING(2, 0, create file). Im guessing thats because it wanted to connect to the internet to do this ? Ran it again and it suggested that all threats were removed, but the problem persists with trying to access antivirus websites. Would it work to restore the computer to a previous point a month or so back (before this problem) ? ?

dunedin_ree, Jul 11, 9:24am

Did you go into Safe Mode with networking enabled?

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 9:29am
no, just took the safe mode option. If I need the networking option i will try again.

swivel, Jul 11, 9:39am
Just wondering, Can you access other sites, or is it a DNS error (Malware setting a dns to stop browsers working).

kevin16, Jul 11, 9:41am
which OS? ... maybe have a look at the hosts file?

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 9:43am
fine for the likes of google, trade me etc. If I go direct to or google and then click on link the message is the same ... .
Message is: Oops! Internet Explorer could not find
Try reloading:

Additional suggestions:
Access a cached copy of
Search on Google:

rwatchorn, Jul 11, 9:58am
IE8 - where would I look for that file ?

swivel, Jul 11, 10:01am
google mcafee removal tool. Sounds like it could be the problem

ferita, Jul 11, 10:21am
Get a fully updated anti malware application that runs of a USB stick. (malwarebytes or emsisoft anti malware).

Boot into safe mode then run it from the USB stick.

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