Printer query

jerards, Jul 12, 8:10pm
Hi, i'm looking at getting a cheap printer for at home. There's a couple of options laser or inkjet, does anyone know which ones are the cheaper options for cartridge replacement etc? I've just found a bargain at the Warehouse Stationery for a "Canon Mp272 Inkjet" $54. 00, any ideas on this one?

kevin16, Jul 12, 8:14pm
your parameters for selection are all up the wop, cheap printer= expensive cartridges, . . what do you want to print? , your basis should be cost per sheet, ... .

jerards, Jul 12, 8:17pm
Good point. Ultimately what i'd like is cheap cartridges in the long run, even if i have to spend a bit more for the printer. It's just for the kids to use at home for homework. Thanks for replying. I don't want to buy impulsively not knowing a lot about them.

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