Connecting a usb wireless adapter to windows xp?

15swanz, Jul 15, 1:09am
Ok so I have just bought a wireless usb adaptor that I can use on my windows XP: aspx? id=302825552

I put the CD that came with it and installed it on my computer like the instructions said. I then put the usb device into my computer and click the bubble than came up saying found new hardware.

I follow the steps and try to install it but it says it can't do it...

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it is just stuffed up... probably me.

Does anyone have any simple steps or advice that might be useful? I have tried googling and youtubing but no guides are helping or working

0800xford, Jul 15, 1:13am
have you rebooted the computer?

r.g.nixon, Jul 15, 1:14am
"it can't do it" is probably not the exact error message - give us the exact message.
If you can, try it on another computer, then you will know if the device or your computer has a problem.

0800xford, Jul 15, 1:24am
snip snip snip

"it makes your wired pc to become wireless via wifi, what a FREEDOM! "

"for someone is really really confused, here is how it works:"

"please only bid when you are confident in how it works and savvy in installations and configurations"

what a FREEDOM! indeed

15swanz, Jul 15, 1:42am
Looks like other people are having the same problem: php? showtopic=54548

Somehting to do with the driver not working on the CD...

http://answers. qid=20080616174047AA

flick13, Jul 15, 2:02am
Sorry to say - cheap unknown brand imported. If not buying a name brand item, do the research first. Saves all the hassles like this.

0800xford, Jul 15, 2:04am
"please contact us before returning your item, as it may just need a bit more support"

15swanz, Jul 15, 2:05am
Yeah my dad bought it... it wasn't one that I saved on the watch list...

0800xford, Jul 15, 2:07am
just buy another one, it was only $20
a branded one like asus, belkin, netgear etc

15swanz, Jul 15, 5:57am
Don't worry guys! ! ! All fixed by moi

0800xford, Jul 15, 6:12am

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